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Cathasaigh is Southwest PA's foremost roots revival singer/songwriter. Eight times voted one of Pittsburgh's best artists in the categories: “Best Singer/Songwriter”, “Best Local Singer/Songwriter”, “Best Acoustic Artist”, “Best Artist” and twice “Best Solo Artists” and "Best Alt-folk/Alt-country", in the Pittsburgh City Paper poll, and voted #9 on the Monthly Post's Top 100 Western Pennsylvania Artists poll. For live shows, she accompanies her expansive vocal range with 12 or 6 string acoustic guitar and/or digital piano.

She has developed a sound that draws on 60's folk, traditional Celtic, and new age music, to create a striking blend of music and lyrics that are as inspiring and thought-provoking as they are beautiful and enchanting. Her fans have called her music ‘truly amazing’, while concert promoters have said, ‘you must see Cathasaigh!’.

Fans of her music hear shades of Lisa Hannigan, Joan Baez and Enya, with other influences that create her honest, fresh sound that evokes the essence of the great songwriters of the past, yet manages to convey the spirit of tomorrow's music.

Her two self-released albums and one compilation album have reached a wide audience, with combined sales to 15 states and 14 countries. Cathasaigh continues to delight in each and every performance. She enjoys playing shows to new and familiar faces alike, and bringing her music, as a personal gift, to each audience member.

"...Cathasaigh is a gem. She has a mature and important message that deserves a stage. Her voice is unique and breathtaking. She is a rock star with a grounded soul." --Kellee Maize, City Paper

"Your original songs are truly amazing! I mean, they're staggeringly powerful. To me, it's like you've been a professional musician for a hundred years." --Doug D., Pittsburgh, PA

"Massively appealing!" --Martie A., AEL concert promoter. "I want to hear more!!" --Dave M., Avalon, PA

Cathasaigh is available for appearances ranging from half an hour to two full hours, and other set lengths in between.

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